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Thursday, 5 June 2014

6 simple tips to make a mobile web page

Mobile Optimized Website
It's time to get you started in the world of mobile web design, in this article I will explain six simple tips that will allow you to start making your first site.

Browse the Internet using a mobile device is the most common practice these days, this apparent popularity shows us that people have been engaged and is convinced that this medium is one that best suits your needs, reasons why this type of market is in a constant growth curve sharply marking the rise in statistics.

In addition, many companies focused on providing a good deal to consumers have realized how promising is the use of a mobile platform? So their projects have strengthened friendly alternatives to their websites for these devices, which provide a better and more accessible to the user experience.
The truth is that mobile web browsing is not a fad, has become an almost absolute necessity for many companies trying to stay in direct contact with consumers, even to have come to regard as the new standard of Internet, so its development beyond being an alternative consideration is a must.

If you have not yet created your own mobile website, then today is the right time to start. In this article, we will focus on how you can create a mobile version of a site, through various methods that will lead us to draw a special procedure.

The easiest way to build a mobile site is to modify an existing website so that it is compatible and can be properly displayed on mobile devices. To achieve this you need to make several changes in terms of design, structure and construction. Below, we discuss some simple tips which should take into account before proceeding to build your site for mobile.

Layout: The navigating a site using a mobile phone and may require time-consuming, the screen is much smaller than in other everyday devices, so that the user cannot easily despair if gets to the part he seeks. To avoid this frustration, always remember to put all the most important information for mobile users, at the top of the page.

Do not forget to include your company logo, or your client, you adapted to a mobile site. Be sure to minimize the horizontal navigation, since it is difficult to carry on a phone, instead of this; try to organize content in a single column. You should also avoid using tables, but if you need to incorporate, do not use more than 2 columns and prevents mergers between columns and rows.

Content: You must make sure that the information you show on your web site is easy to read and navigate, providing it does not take long for visitors to understand, since most likely the user to log in to your website using a mobile does not have long time, in a nutshell, if a user uses to access your phone, you do not have much time and looking for something specific, so your site would be provided quickly.

One way to accomplish this is to perform a pre-selection process, to thereby determine which part of the content should be displayed on the phone, in addition to this it is recommended to adapt the menu to your site, adjusting the text to avoid zooming. As for the font used to render the content, consider using headings to control font size.

Coding: There is actually some kind of special coding needed to develop a mobile site, but it is much easier if your mobile site is encoded using XML, HTML5 or XHTML failing. You can also build your site with basic elements of HTML coding and CSS.

Elements such as title tags, Meta description tags, header tags and filenames must be carefully crafted with keywords, this with the aim of maximizing the bit optimizable content available.

Imagery: Most mobile phones could take forever to load heavy images. We recommend using images and graphics as little as possible; try to do so only where contextually relevant, and if you cannot help, then try to use images in jpeg, gif or png files as these are the lightest.

Be sure to compress your images to avoid zooming, and make use of the alt attribute to provide alternate text, which will be helpful if the user has turned off the display of images.

Page size: When you assign a style to a mobile website, it is essential to keep it simple and use small page sizes. Keep in mind that 20 Kb is the maximum size for a mobile page, so try to fit it all using less than 10 Kb is important to remember that many users pay their mobile web service based on Kb used.

Links: A well-designed mobile website, always offer a series of buttons and links so that the user can access and move through the various sections and paragraphs of the site. It is quite difficult to move through a site on a mobile phone and if this will we join many phones are not equipped with buttons for back, you may end up in a dead end, where navigation is impossible and the experience very bad.

Try to provide the necessary links to avoid such situations, make sure all pages are linked to other pages, and if it really is a place to be seen on a phone, make links to numbers actually make a call.

Monday, 2 June 2014

5 free and useful resources for web design

Responsive Web Design

GMC Solution has always advocated transparency in everything we do, sharing knowledge to build a free and supportive network. Those who follow our activities more closely will have noticed that we have recently made ​​a major remodeling our website, integrating a responsive design with high doses of dynamism. Being true to our philosophy, we decided to share some of the "secrets" that lie behind the operation of the website. Some Basic Tips for the Web Designers:

Responsive Web Design: The term responsive is taken directly from English, refers to pages that adapt to different resolutions and screen types. The simplest version of this concept would be a layout that takes up 100% of the screen. In more elaborate projects, different CSS styles are applied depending on the screen width and type of device. The code tells the browser which stylesheet to use is included in the label head:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/screen.css" media="only handheld and (min-width: 800px) and (max-width: 1023px), only screen and (min-width: 800px) and (max-width: 1023px)"/>

Handheld indicates a mobile device while screen refers to desktops and laptops. Labels min-width and max-width report the minimum and maximum dimensions from which the sheet designated styles will be used.

Parallax Effect: The parallax effect is a current trend in the web design, and refers to animations that are playing as the user "scroll" vertical on the website.

There are numerous options to achieve this effect, from prefabricated WordPress templates to complex programming in JavaScript. In our case we have chosen to use a resource called Skrollr interesting.

Skrollr is a JavaScript library developed specifically to represent different effects of parallax. It is open source and free, and it can be downloaded from their website. The use of this library requires virtually no knowledge of JavaScript.

Animated boxes: As in the previous case, for the integration of animated boxes we have chosen to use a free open-source solution. With a bit of CSS and jQuery library design can achieve that effect with so attractive that our animations appear anywhere.

Inclusion of RSS: The RSS feeds are must today to unveil the contents of any blog tool. These short excerpts of publications spread quickly through the web, exponentially increasing the natural range of your posts.

We wanted to include our latest publications within the website. To achieve this goal there are several options available online. We would recommend you Feed2JS a very reliable solution open source that does not include any advertising message or "diverted" the information of your website. Its use is very simple, its on-line application generates JavaScript code necessary, and only need to adapt the CSS styles to suit the aesthetics of your website.

Tracking without cookies: Like any other website, we have close monitoring of our visitors. Not only how many visitors we receive, but also their country of origin, use of links, operating system ... we is essential to analyze our business and find areas for improvement information.

The dominant solution on the market is Google Analytics. However, we opted to use a free and open source alternative called code Piwik for several reasons:
  1. It is always free. Other solutions are free only until a certain level of hits is reached. Piwik is maintained financially by voluntary donations.
  2. It is open source, and not diverted your information to their servers. Data collected through GA pass through their servers, which process information before sending. Piwik is a solution that is installed on your server, and data not diverted anywhere else.
As we mentioned at the beginning, this post is not intended to be a tutorial, but rather a guide to some of the tools we've found along the development of our own page. There are plenty of free and open resources for web design. The hard part sometimes is to know where to start.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

GMC Solution – Web Development Company

Web Development Company

GMC Solution is a Software Development, Website Development, Web Designing, CMS Development and SEO Company. We develop web pages made to measure with a unique and creative design. Our online strategy that effectively interacts with networks, implementation and ensure optimum last generation; Guarantees your mark on internet.
  • Websites in HTML, PHP, FLASH, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT, manageable 
  • We incorporate the latest technologies and elements to your website to make it versatile and flexible. 
  • CMS or an administrator of contents easy to use designed to allow people without programming experience to control and edit the content of your website. 
  • Internet SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Online store, shopping cart and payment gateway. 
  • Websites on mobile devices: your web site accessible on a mobile platform (Responsive Design)
  • Social Networking: Social Media Marketing / Optimization (SMO) 

BRIEF/PERSONALITY: We identify your needs, understand your communication objectives and learn about your business. This is the first step to a successful website. In GMC Solution, we know that every client is different, so we serve your requirements, understand your business and learn about you in order to design a site that fits your needs. In addition, their participation and commitment to the process of web development is essential to ensure teamwork and a desired throughout the process result.

STRATEGIES: More than just a website, in GMC Solution developed a set of strategies to effectively achieve their business goals online. The stage of planning and strategy is to know your target audience and desired marketing goals. We optimize the search engine on the Internet by keyword system identifying effective words, in the appropriate language and tone your goal achieving better rankings in search engines like Google market.

DESIGN: We focus on the importance of design and align their objectives with creative ideas to achieve a visually appealing and easy to navigate website. In GMC Solution determine the success of your website when a viewer becomes a client through an excellent online experience to generate positive comments you by word of mouth among friends and associates.

DEVELOPMENT: Digital technologies are essential to creating a successful website. Behind the screen is a lot of code to provide integrated technical and creative design differential display code sophisticated and functional programming we offer is what makes each experience within our websites makes a difference in the market. In GMC Solution incorporate the latest technologies and elements to your website to make it versatile and flexible.

ADMINISTRATOR: Generated a Content Management System or CMS administrator easy to use content designed to allow people without programming experience to control and edit the content of your website, including text, images, videos and much more. A CMS is essential to keep your online business efficiently and effectively component. GMC Solution provides the tools for you to control your website by updating new content and contributing to their own convenience, with easy to use system to save time in your business.

POSITIONING: Get online results are the essence of having a website and make the process worthwhile. Connect social media networks and user participation in marketing campaigns. GMC Solution can provide all the tools you need to achieve the results you are looking for. Develop strategies for marketing their promotional offers and advertising campaigns to help achieve the desired results.

E-COMMERCE: Convert website traffic into paying customers. E-commerce is one of the most effective ways to increase sales on your website ways. So we created web pages easy to use and reliable. From basic e-commerce solutions to a complete online store, GMC Solution can develop a website that is designed to help you convert customers into sales. We use methods of strategic and practical design; we combine friendly navigation systems so that customers can experience cognitive dissonance.

MOBILE WEBSITES: Web pages for mobile devices are becoming part of society. Having a mobile website allows your customers to access their content quickly and easily from the comfort of your mobile phone anywhere. Along with a mobile site, it is also important to pay attention to rising search trends Google Map, local business listings and location-based queries. In GMC Solution, we developed a solution for mobile website to meet your business needs, incorporating the latest mobile technologies to ensure your site is accessible in a mobile platform.

NETWORKS: Social Media Marketing / Optimization (SMO) can effectively promote your brand virally and attract a lot for your business. We use social networks like FaceBook and Twitter, allow you to connect with users on multiple levels, through social and interactive media. We help build a successful business for the relationship of the user, increase the awareness of your brand and grow your reputation in relation to the integrity and credibility.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Website Design in Indore

 Web Designing in indore

The majority of web site designers focus incorrectly on planning websites that charm to their purchasers. This results in websites that are poorly designed to serve the requirements of the traveler or the consumer. Once years concerned in web site style and evaluating and optimizing websites, I recently finished that the overwhelming majority of today's websites are not any higher designed currently than they were five years gone.

Yes, websites designed within the past five years definitely look lots higher and have a lot of wow options like spectacular effects, beautiful graphics and clever videos. However that does not mean as websites they perform any higher in satisfying the requirements of the traveler or the web site owner. Indeed fairly often of these effects, graphics and flash videos whereas enhancing the visual charm of the web site really create the web site worse in terms of performance. By performance I mean however well the web site satisfies the objectives it ought to be designed to fulfill.

When you want to own a web site designed or redesigned the primary issue you wish to ascertain is what the objectives of the website are?
What is the aim of the website?
Is the purpose to:
  1. Stun guests with a jaw dropping graphics and effects?
  2. Get smart reviews for your web site from alternative web site designers?
  3. Inform and educate visitors?
  4. Attract the correct guests fascinated by what the web site needs to offer?
  5. Sell merchandise or services?
  6. Capture leads or subscribers?
If you wish proof of the extent to that web designers specialize in the visual charm of a web site rather that being suitable a purpose, you simply need to verify the handfuls that showcase what they fancy to be smart website styles.